Goteo #282: Let's dare to dream: another future is possible!

🌍 In the current context, the need to establish new rural community spaces appears as a fundamental response to the ecosocial crisis. Self-management and food sovereignty emerge as key principles to empower communities and ensure equitable access to resources, while citizen participation stands as an essential pillar to build a collectively sustainable future, facing the already known climate change and its fearsome consequences.

🤗 Thus, in this newsletter we present three campaigns that, far from being simple rehabilitations of rural spaces, show us other realities and allow us to dream of a world with more sustainable practices and committed to the welfare of current and future generations. Read on to find out more about them below!

First actions La Nou for a sustainable future of the Valencian rural world

⛰ The community foundation called La Nou, an initiative backed by the Mas de Noguera cooperative, has played a crucial role during its 42 years of existence, focusing on activities such as environmental education, farming, rural promotion and agrotourism.

🌾 In their campaign they are seeking funding for various projects, including the co-financing of the Sembrando Futuro awards to promote reflection on rural life models, encouraging students to develop their careers in their places of origin. In addition, a new issue of the magazine Ruralia: revista del món valencià rural will be issued, highlighting the importance of studying traditional knowledge to adapt to climate change.

🗣 To make these projects a reality and to continue raising awareness of the importance of the rural world to generate sustainable futures, we invite you to collaborate in the campaign, you can do so here:

Mill and agri-food workshop in Turrós

💪🏼 The cooperative Eines Comunes, established in 2021, is a consumers' and users' cooperative whose aim is the collective ownership and management of tools, goods, spaces and means of production for agri-food production and self-employment in rural areas.

⚖️ With this aim, they present a key project: a flour mill and collective workshop to transform the current economic model towards another where the common good and food sovereignty are the main axes.

🥰 By collaborating in their campaign, you make possible the adaptation of the space to create the workshop, install a wood-fired oven, acquire machinery and build a warehouse. Discover all the rewards they offer at:

Espai de resistències ALGRÀ

🎭 The promoters of this campaign are the companies Atirohecho and Arritmados, with more than a decade of experience in physical theatre and circus in the País Valencià. In their productions they address political and social issues such as human rights, historical memory and feminism.

💃🏻 Now they present the ALGRÀ project, a community space in the southern district of València, which seeks to merge the performing arts, the defence of the territory, the graphic arts and the social function of art.

👥 If you think it is possible to build a space for different collectives to meet, live together and reflect on politics, you can support the campaign to rehabilitate the space and take part in it. Find out how to do it at

But that's not all... read on for all the latest news!

🙌🏼 We don't want to say goodbye without informing you about the change in Goteo's commission. As you know, the current 5% commission has allowed us to cover the management costs of each project, the cost of servers and hosting, as well as the attention to the community and the personalised monitoring of each of the projects that come to Goteo. However, the team would like to inform you that we have been forced to slightly increase this commission to 6%.

🧐 And you may be wondering... Why this increase? Because we want to continue with our initial commitment to strengthen our support for smaller projects financially. This small change allows us to reach a larger number of projects, especially those of a social, ecological and cultural nature, thus boosting the positive impact on varied communities. Let's continue!

What about you?

😙 Do you think crowdfunding is not sufficiently known in your community or organisation? Support us so that we can continue to spread our knowledge among initiatives that need to get funded and give a major boost to their digital transition.

🙌 Choose the reward in our #FollowUsFollowTheCurrent campaign and you can apply for a 2-hour digital session to introduce crowdfunding to your community.

See you in the next newsletter! 😜

That's as far as it goes. We hope this newsletter has encouraged you to keep walking towards the society of all and for all that we are approaching, little by little. See you next time!

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Our projects

Primeras acciones La Nou para un futuro sostenible del mundo rural valenciano Primeras acciones La Nou para un futuro sostenible del mundo rural valenciano

By: Fundació La Nou

Agrorural development

Fundación Comunitària La Nou

€ 5.250 received

29 days Remaining

Molí fariner i obrador agroalimentari del Turrós Molí fariner i obrador agroalimentari del Turrós

By: e i n e s c o m u n e s

Agrorural development

Construïm un molí i un obrador alimentari de tinença i ús col·lectiu; canviem el model productiu des de l'acció local i comunitària!

€ 5.855 received

29 days Remaining

Espai de resistències ALGRÀ Espai de resistències ALGRÀ


Creating culture

Adequació de nau agrícola i el seu entorn, per a propiciar un espai de creació artística i ecologisme

€ 14.548 received

30 days Remaining



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